ugh i know i said i would stop talking about this, but i have to get it out

some of the doom-and-gloomers are talking about how sterek will never happen because its all boils down to money: two ‘supposedly straight’ main characters start a relationship —> lots of people get offended and stop watching —-> lower ratings —> show gets cancelled

but i’m just thinking about teen wolf’s past. a year ago this fandom barely existed. i started right at the beginning of season two, because like many other new teen wolf fans i saw all these gifsets of these two guys, stiles and derek, and had to ask myself, who are these motherfucking homosexuals? going by the teen wolf tag in the weeks to come, i saw this story over and over again- people who started watching because they liked what they saw and/or they genuinely believed stiles and derek were dating.

that’s the joke, right? you started watching and were all, who’s this scoot kid and where’s the gay?

but that’s what made the size of the fandom explode- us, the slashers. the cast has said, over and over again that this fanbase just grew exponentially, and that was us, because we saw these two guys and thought they looked like a kickass pairing.

NOW IMAGINE if sterek actually became canon. all the gifsets that would spread like crazy of these two attractive young guys, flirting, declaring their feelings for each other, kissing, whatever. and under that its tagged ‘teen wolf’

i mean, the number of people who ship slash pairings is HUGE. sometimes i forget how freakin many of us there are, but there are tons. and they would be drawn in so fast by this awesome looking couple

and not only that, but we could reach out to other fandoms- supernatural, sherlock, doctor who, merlin, avengers, anyone. these are all fans who have major slash pairings that the writers/actors/pretty much everyone involved knows about but refuses to take seriously. we can honestly say, hey guys, we need to work together on this. please support this show, make showrunners realize that making awesome gay relationships canon won’t make the ratings tank. 

because fandoms are there for each other- i’ll never forget that post right before the teen wolf s2 finale aired, that just said ‘hey teen wolf fandom, we know its your finale, good luck and we’re here for you, from the supernatural fandom’. that kind of stuff means the world to me because as different as the 92472843 fandoms that there are on tumblr, we all come together in our fannish-ness.

this has been a super long and unnecessarily rambly post, but whatever. i just had to get out this main thought that if sterek became canon, i’m 100% positive that viewership would not decrease but actually result in teen wolf fan growth explosion 2.0. 

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